An Enchanted Unicorn…

What does Enchanted Unicorn make you think of?  A mystical, fantastical animal with mysterious powers, that only exists in works of fiction, and was likely inspired by our ancestors discovering narwhal tusks?

I'm ashamed of myself for posting this pic.

Then this is not the post for you.

Unicorns have a special place on the internet. Geeks have been including them in their usernames and inserting them into bizarre fan fiction since Al Gore invented the damn thing (I’m not trying to insult the geeks, as I am one myself, as you’ll see later if you keep reading).  There has always been a fascination with these noble beasts, and speculation to whether they ever existed, have become extinct, or are just so reclusive and elusive that no one has been able to prove their truth.

He really turned his career around lately!

Only Neil Patrick Harris has the answers.

I hate to derail you, but this post wasn’t meant to be a discussion of equine mammals and their legendary variations.  Unfortunately, whenever I hear unicorn, I think of this:

If you only knew what this truly is...

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

enchanted unicorn was the username of a member on one of my favourite websites,, and the above image was his avatar.  Yes, I’m a Ghostbusters geek.  Sometimes I have a hard time admitting it, but I truly am.  At least I’m not a Trekkie, right?

Not insulting Trekkies either, just making a joke.

Maybe enchanted unicorn was?

This guy was hilarious.  He loved to mess around and get under people’s skin, but as long as you don’t consider the internet to be serious business, you wouldn’t have been offended.  He made me laugh on a daily basis, and actually made some contributions to the community through his inventive prop replicas and fan-art.  I would say he was great amateur artist, as I would have paid for some of his work.

He was making a picture of naked women!  Really!  He's a classy dude.

He looked the part, at least.

But alas, all good things must come to an end.  enchanted unicorn was banned from the website for excessive trolling.  What I thought was funny, others did not.  Isn’t that always what happens?

Absoluetly absurd, but hilarious!

Yes, I do think this is funny. (Image via

He will be missed on GBFans.  Although I am sure he is out there somewhere, trolling to the delight of an internet community who appreciates him for what he truly is; a whimsical being, with untold skills and talents only seen in your most extravagant dreams.  Troll on, enchanted unicorn.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This post was partly inspired by the Zebragus, another incredible creature featured on one of my favourite blogs, Me Vs. The Normal People.  Give it a read, and you’ll see many beautiful images of this regal animal.  Also, I have to apologize for another post about a man.  I’ll do my best to write my next one about women!

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