How to Become Internet Famous – Part 2: Create a Meme!

Picking up where I left off in Part 1, I have chosen to become ridiculously famous on the internet by creating a meme.  Through the use of Meme Generator, I will make an original, and hopefully hilarious image meme that you will spread around to all your friends an co-workers, so that I can become really, really rich.  At least that’s how I imagined it happening, although I don’t think that there is anyway to profit from freely shared images in the internet age (I don’t have a copyright or anything, plus I’ll be stealing an image and ideas from others without giving proper credit.  I’m a terrible hack.  Don’t you love the internet?).

I can cite properly, if I feel like it.

Image via Wikipedia (originally

The first step I took was to think of something funny.  If you are as awesomely hilarious as I am, you will have no problem.  I did have a problem though, because I find that when you are forced to be funny, all you can think of is dick and boob jokes.  I did think of a conversation I had with my friend Stark, so I decided I’d steal his idea and run with it.

Stark had just watched his favourite film, Die Hard, and was spouting off quotes expecting that I would quote along with him.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen that movie in couple years (I have it on VHS tape, but my VCR is acting up lately, and it’s hard to find a VCR repairman anymore) so I couldn’t remember any memorable lines, except one:

I thought it might be funny if John McClane wasn’t able to quote himself, as perhaps he was getting too old to be an action star, let alone remember what he had said in his previous films (Ok, maybe I’m ragging on Bruce Willis and not McClane, but you get my point).  So he just spits out whatever common gibberish he could think of, followed by an insult, often vulgar.

Random words!

That's close to your famous quote...

I give you Misquoting McClane!

A wonderful day to kill terrorists!

McClane loves Disney movies.


And 80s cartoons.

I also mentioned previously that you can insert other established memes into your meme to jump-start its popularity.  A couple of examples:

He's kinda gross.

As a man, I love Foul Batchelor Frog.

Yes they do, Bubb Rubb.

Bubb Rubb knows all.

I made too many of these things, so I’ll just leave the rest of them here.

Whatever.Nonsense songs!

More dick jokes!Phil Collins doesn't take crap!

So spread it around so all your friends can share the lulz, and so that I can become infamous for a piss-poor attempt at being funny.  Also subscribe and comment, so we can argue about why I’m not funny.

More nonsense songs!

It's a very bad word, I know.

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5 Responses to How to Become Internet Famous – Part 2: Create a Meme!

  1. auntbethany says:

    The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reference was my favorite!

    • dongtacular says:

      Thanks, it was my favourite too! I just hope people don’t get too offended by my use of strong language. I don’t say that word out loud anymore; I’ve got in so much trouble for it.

      But I can still type it!

  2. Cayman Thorn says:

    I for one am tremendously fucking offended by this coarse language. Clean it the hell up….shit!

    PS- The Chitty Chitty Bang….my favorite as well.

  3. YawningDog says:

    Catching up on your blog, this comment is way late, but…

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is my favorite too — I laughed so that I got tears in my eyes!

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