Adoring Women’s Thighs, As a Man

Legs, thighs, the whole package, really.
The gams!  Zowie!  When I think gams, I usually am referring to the thighs, but in common usage it appears that gams applies to legs in general.  Although you don’t normally see the whole bare gam on a daily basis, you can still appreciate a great pair-a-gams when you spot them.

Gams are an amazing part of a woman’s body, and radiate beauty, no matter the body type.  Sure, the ones we see featured in movies and magazines are long and slender, but even the short, muscular ones turn me right on.  A tight, thick thigh (say that three times fast!) is a marvellous thing to look at, as well as slap for encouragement, and even squeeze tightly in the proper situation.

When assessing some gams, my favourite angle is the side.  This way, you can accurately estimate the girth of the gam, and even the tightness if you are lucky enough to catch a side view while the woman is walking past you.  Watch for a jiggle and bounce.  A little shake or jiggle is good, and some prefer more than others.  You’ll have to sneak a peek at a few gams before you know what you’re really looking for.

I know, she's not walking, but this is the best side view I could get.

After watching several nice gams walk past you, you’re sure to say,

“Alright, I know what shape and size of gams I like, but they’re all covered in jeans!  The only uncovered gams I’ve seen lately were posted on this great blog I’ve been reading!  How will I be able to know a great gam if, and God-willing, when I see a bare one?”

You’ll know.  You can tell when it’s the pants that are giving the legs shape, as they are extremely tight.  Sure, we all like tight pants, they really accentuate a woman’s assets, but you should be able to spot a woman whose pants are too tight for her body.  You want a woman who has those nice, natural gams, possibly enhanced by exercise.  The thigh muscles are often the strongest in the body, so you want them tight, and either thick, or trim, depending on your personal preference.

What about colour, you say?  Well, I’m not one to judge a person on the colour of their skin.  But I will voice my opinion on leg colour.  I like a light tan on the legs of a caucasian woman.  Shows that they get out, and that they’re not afraid to bare their skin for a longer period of time.  Note that I said a light tan.  I can’t stand those women who fake-and-bake 3 times a week until their entire body resembles a carrot.  Although, I can see why some men adore milky, white thighs.  They’re pretty hot.

Maybe her skin is a little too dark, but that could be photoshop.

Again, remember that not everyone has Hollywood Thighs.  Hell, most people don’t even have Bollywood Thighs.  I do hope that by using these tips, you will be able to find a mellow thighed chick in no time.

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