She Should Pontificate More

Those eyes penetrate directly to my mojo.

She should pontificate more.  She’s terrific.  I kind of like it when a woman talks down to me, making me feel inferior.  It’s not that I like to be dominated, but I enjoy a woman who has strong opinions and can stand up for what she believes in.  When a woman, especially an authority figure, expresses herself intelligently, it totally turns me on.

I’ve always had a thing for attractive superiors.  When I lived in residence at university, the residence assistant for my floor was extremely attractive.  She also did not have any patience for hi-jinx and other amusing activities, so I felt her wrath a few times.  Even though what I was doing was technically not against the rules (trust me, I read the rules and there was nothing in there about laying a slip-n-slide in the hallway), she gave me a stern talking to, and even felt it necessary to stand within an inch of me and yell directly into my face.  I could taste her lip balm.  Delicious.

Back on the topic of pontificating, even if a woman’s stance on a topic is ridiculous, it’s interesting to hear her defend her view, and herself.  I’m not insulting women here, most women are beautiful and intelligent.  There are a few who argue like children, and use broken logic to come to an uninformed conclusion.  I do find that cute, but it does not mentally arouse me like a smart, sharp argument.

I especially enjoy when a woman is so set in her opinion that she will become frustrated, and even angry, when expressing it.  That passion flares up inside of her, and you can see it in her dark, piercing eyes, and her strong physical stance.

Yeah, she's pissed.

This anger is often fueled by the thought that you are attacking the person, and not the idea or opinion.  Some women will begin defending themselves, and totally forget about the point that they were trying to make in the first place.  Some women will go as far as to begin insulting others on a personal level, in an attempt to regain some of their own personal dignity (which they never really lost in the first place).

Again, I find this attractive.  It’s great when a woman can be so passionate about a topic that she begins losing control over her emotions, and rationality flies out the window.  I find that this type of women will carry this “rationality loss” into the bedroom, and just go absolutely crazy.  I have done some very wild things with women who have lost their temper over a trivial discussion.  This is very different from angry-sex, as the woman is usually not angry with you, but angry with herself for not being able to convince others that she has a well-informed opinion.

Basically, what I’ve been trying to say is, don’t be afraid of well-spoken women.  The more strongly opinionated they are, the more likely they are to experiment in bed after a strongly worded debate.

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5 Responses to She Should Pontificate More

  1. ashleeekaren says:

    Interesting…Amusing and interesting…

    I like how you equate intelligence with sexual desire – a woman who is well spoken is both sexually desirable to you, and OF you.

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