Pubic hair styles for Men – Part 3

Alright gentlemen, it’s time to decide on a style for your pubes.  You have already trimmed, or shaved your balls and other hairy parts of your genital area, but your “patch” so far has been left untouched.  This is the area directly above your schlong, so it’s one of the first areas that people will notice when judging your hairstyle.

There are two basic options for styling this area:

  • The Box – a square or rectangle of hair shaped to enhance the look of your dick.
  • Bare – bare; as in no hair.

If you wish to leave some hair, then The Box is the choice for you.  This can create a slimming effect on your belly (or a widening effect on your dong!), and will ensure that your genitals don’t look like they belong to a 11-year-old boy.  Shaving this area is straightforward, other than the fact that you must get straight lines on your “Box”.  Again, be careful, and shave small bits at a time to ensure accuracy in your lines.

If you prefer a streamlined, smooth look, then going Bare is your best option.  This is what I prefer, as you won’t get tan-lines when moving about your yard naked, and you have no pube hairs to get caught on any heavy equipment.  Shaving this style has 2 steps; shave it, admire it.  Doesn’t that look great?

Now that you have completed your manscaping of your groin, be sure to wash yourself well, and rinse the shower well, ensuring all those trimmings went down the drain.  If you don’t, you will notice a few pubes migrating around your bathroom and even your home from sticking to your towel and your body, and falling off pretty much everywhere, including the kitchen.  I experienced that once, and one pube in your chicken alfredo is enough to make you take extra precautions the next time you shave.

Also, it is important is to assess your work.  Check your junk out in the mirror, from every angle you can get.  Did you miss any spots?  Make a mental note to double-check that area next time.  Are you happy with the style you chose?  You can always try something else the next time.  Did you cut yourself?  DAMN IT, I told you like 5 times to be careful!

I hope you have learned how to properly trim, shave, and chose a style for your pubic hair.  This will definitely help you score women, by giving you self-confidence in your dangly-bits.  Go forth, my clean-crotched prodigies!

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1 Response to Pubic hair styles for Men – Part 3

  1. theweeklyargus says:

    I usually shave intricate designs like unicorns and cyclopes into my pubes.

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