Pubic hair styles for Men – Part 2

Continuing from where we left off in Part 1, removing hair from your balls can be extremely difficult.  The wrinkly skin and curly, wiry hairs make it a task no woman would ever attempt, although I think I saw that in a movie once.

If you are just trimming the hair, you will want to exercise extreme caution.  This is an area of your body that will not take kindly to being gouged by scissors.  Trim any of the longest hairs sticking out at first, by simply snipping any that you can see.  Don’t feel like you have to get too close right away, you’ll be moving in closer on the second pass.

The second go-around is the tricky one.  You need to shield your dick with the palm of your hand, while stretching your nut-sack out with the fingers of that same hand.  Then use the scissors in your other hand to trim as close to your sack as you’re comfortable.  The stretch is paramount.  You’ll only be able to stretch a small part of the sack at a time, so you will need to release, adjust where you are grabbing, and trim again.  This may sound confusing, but once you begin snipping you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I would post a diagram, but that’s just gross.

Repeat the stretch and trim process until you are satisfied with your work.  You may need to switch your ball-grabbing hand to get the best results (that’s what she said).  Then you should have a nicely trimmed pubic region (that’s what she said?).  The final step is to take a shower (since you were standing in there when you were trimming all those pubes off, right?) to wash any small hairs off your body, and also clean up the shower.  Trust me, you don’t want your roommates seeing a shower coated in man curlies.

Now, if you are interested in going the shaving route, I commend you!  As a man who enjoys being naked, I believe it is best to keep things clean down there, for safety and cleanliness reasons.

To begin, you will need a razor and some shaving cream.  It would be best to use the same kind of razor and cream that you use on your face, but for fucks sake, get a second razor for your pubes.  I knew a guy who used the same one, and he was weird.  And an aspiring actor.  And maybe gay.  Which might explain why he would like having his pube trimmings on his face.

Next, get in the shower.  This will trap the pubes and prevent making a huge mess, plus give you a source of water, needed for shaving.  I like to have the shower on while I shave, but some may prefer to bring a small bucket of warm water in with them, and use that instead of the constant stream.  Personally, I find that having the shower on makes it easier to clean the hairs out of the razor, and also allows me to wash hair and shaving cream off myself while I’m shaving.

You’ll want to start with your legs, closing in towards your wang.  This is where your shaving skills must shine.  You can go against or with the grain, whatever you prefer, or whatever feels right.  Be careful!  You do not want to cut your cock!  Also look for those stragglers that grow on the shaft, get ’em before you forget.

After you’ve tackled your legs and shaft, move on to the balls.  As you read above, this is tricky.  Using the same shield-dong-with-palm-of-hand-while-stretching-sack-with-fingers-of-that-same-hand technique as before, you’ll need to get a near perfect stretch to be able to shave all those hairs trapped in your testicle-crevices.  Keep at it, reapplying shaving cream whenever you feel necessary.  You will probably end up going over the same area twice, but this is ok, since you don’t want to miss any.

Unfortunately, we will have to continue this post in Part 3, where we will detail the shaving of a man’s so-called “Patch”.  This is the area directly above your wiener.  This is also where various pubic hair styling options really come into effect.

Come back soon, you bare-balled bastards!

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