I think I talk too much

I enjoy talking.  It is a skill that I have been working on for as long as I can remember.  My parents say that as a child I was labeled as a “screamer”.  I had a girlfriend in university who was also labeled a “screamer”, but this was for a different reason entirely.

When I was a baby, I was constantly making noise.  Babbling, slurring, singing and even screaming if I felt like it.  I don’t remember doing this, but I feel as though I was born to make noise.  When I learned to speak, I remember trying to find words and phrases that were easy to say, but expressive and meaningful.  That sounds like something a young child wouldn’t be able to do, but I did.  I would sit and play by myself, constantly talking to my toys, repeating and tweaking conversations that I would have with my family and friends later.

Now that I am grown, I have learned many different ways to communicate, but I still enjoy verbal communication the most.  And I’m not talking about telephones.  I hate those fucking things.  I mean face-to-face communication, where you can use intonation, pitch, pauses, and pacing to enhance your opinion.  Not to mention body language.  You may not think you are expressing yourself with your body, but you are.  I use hand gestures a lot, but there are also subtle cues that humans give off when they are speaking.  Facial expressions, changing the position of your feet or body, and even slight arm or head movements will convey emotions even more than a person’s voice in many situations.

I can have a conversation on pretty much any topic, other than politics.  I guess I’m just not that interested in them, although I do vote when the time comes, and I try to read about the candidates before hand to make an informed decision.  There are other subjects that I don’t have much knowledge about, but I will let my opinion be known, supported by what little knowledge I have on the topic.  But I do have a tendency to try to stay in the conversation with small interjections or questions, often just so I can keep talking.

I sometimes wish that I would just shut the hell up.  Yes, even though I love talking, I feel like I do it too much and dominate conversations, and unknowingly suppress others who want to let their opinions known.  I need to take a step back, let others speak, and listen to their views on the topic.  I do listen to an extent, but I find that I will counter others opinions with my own, whether my views are better supported or not.

I am honestly going to try this over the next two weeks.  Simply shutting my mouth, even if I think I have something important or witty to say.  I’ll still be able to talk within reason, and respond if questions are directed towards me.  But I will not force my opinions on others, and make a conscious effort to just sit back, and honestly listen to others speak.

However, I will continue to let my views be heard on this blog.  Blogs are the perfect place for people who talk too much as you can post as much garbage as you want, and it might actually get read and commented on.

Note:  Surprisingly, this is my shortest post.  The post in which I talk about talking too much is my shortest.  I guess I started to shut the hell up a little early!

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4 Responses to I think I talk too much

  1. pickiepixie says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site – and I added you to my blogroll because your posts are awesome! I agree with the comment you posted on my blog about laughing at sexually inappropriate things… I did giggle when I read “wiener” on your blog. 😉 I love this post too – I know the feeling when you wish you could shut the hell up, that you over-stepped your boundaries and are like, shit, I f*d up and it’s gonna take work in fixing that relationship.

    • dongtacular says:

      This post was rather serious, I don’t know what came over me!
      Nice to know that you still enjoyed it, I may do a few more serious ones in the future, but mainly they’ll just be disgusting!

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